EFOOD COIN is a founder and operator of food-related social networking site, fooos PLANET, where users can connect with foodies around the world, and works together to develop EFOOD COIN with food industry members around the world.
Our main goals include the promotion of plant-based, organic, fair trade, and barrier-free (hypoallergenic) products as well as food loss prevention and environmental conservation in food production. We will work with EFOOD COIN holders on food-related issues while making our business profitable.
EFOOD COIN will operate the following primary businesses in an aim to cover from food producer to consumer around the world and achieve happiness through food.

E-commerce and global buyer matching support for promoting global product importation
Global food introduction for promoting global inbound tourism
Technical support and improvement of food processing technology for increasing agricultural productivity
Confirmation of food safety and function (Health promotion through diet, Survey and information on food safety)
Organization of business environment and development of new products for cultivating food markets (Development of tasty and nutritious plant-based food, functional food, and food for health and beauty)

Plant maintenance and investment for global dietary environment (Acquisition of agricultural land for securing food for the 2050 food crisis)