Fooos Planet (Food SNS)

EFOOD Group fooos Planet is making efforts to build a mechanism that everyone naturally eats, to make someone’s new meal. We aim to contribute to the development of the future food industry.

Global environment such as climate change has a great influence on the food industry, so the EFOOD Group, our fellows, will work on the following priority items.

● fooos Planet function addition

1. Fooos Planet point can be acquired by posting comments, photos, videos, this point can be exchanged for EFOOD Coin (Ethereum based ERC 20), and it can be traded in the world market from 2019 onwards. (Fooos Planet point is offered to members of fooos Planet who introduced information about foods to the world and contributed to promoting the growth of the food industry.)

2. Support the revolution of the food industry (Food Innovation). We set up a special corner and publicize, providing a place for business matching.

3. Construction of EC shopping site (Everyone can sell some goods)

4. We will provide the Fooos Planet point for the public relations of the food industry for the future. You can also convert the points and EFOOD coins.

5. Introduction of information and products of the world’s production areas (Matching with buyers in the world)