Press release

About EFOOD COIN Description

The EFOOD COIN contributes to the future of the earth and the present society through food.
“Food” is the source of life.
We have created the EFOOD COIN in order to share the challenges that everyone will work for the future.
A food industry coin of the future that will respond to ASEM Asia-Europe Meeting and the “The Sustainable Development Goals SDGs ” adopted by the United Nations.
Eurasia Food Coin operates in the food and cryptocurrency market via the promotion of plant-based, organic, fair trade, and barrier-free (hypoallergenic) products as well as food loss prevention and environmental conservation especially related to food production. Moreover, the EFood coin is founder of the food-related social networking site, fooos PLANET, where users can connect with foodies around the world, working together to develop the EFOOD COIN in conjunction with other food industry members around the world.
Fooos Planet social networking and marketplace. The EFOOD Group fooos Planet is making efforts to build a mechanism that everyone naturally eats, to make someone’s new meal. We aim to contribute to the development of the future food industry.
Global environment such as climate change has a great influence on the food industry, so the EFOOD Group, our fellows, will work on the following priority items.
■ EFOOD mission 2.0 – 2018.10.29
1. EFOOD Group fooos Planet will undertake measures to deoxidize and protect the global environment. (Protection of the global environment by PR, investment, mechanism)
2.We will introduce the food based on plant base food and efforts to deoxidize and focus on its research. (Conserving the global environment by food)
3. Implementation of FOOD AID (promotion revolution for food distribution for the future). A part of the purchased food price is returned to the food industry, contributing to the future food industry and donating mechanism.
Make a profit to the food industry people, world consumer.
Make a profit to the food industry people, world consumers by “E Food Coin” Cryptocurrency.
We will be able to live a rich life if we can contribute to society through food in a limited time as residents of the world. Leave abundant opportunities for the future through the food industry. Therefore, we act on the world’s most valuable approach.
We will develop new strategies such as:
1. The acquisition of this agricultural land aims to secure food for the 2050 food crisis.  The EFood Land (counting 200 longyan trees, 20 lime trees, 10 Durian trees, 20 Banana trees, 40 Betel Palm trees and many others).
2. EFood Commerce, where everyone can buy plant-based products from all over the world (organic, hypoallergenic, healthy, halal, for beauty, fair-trade, sustainable;
3.Buyers net (B2B & B2C);
4. Exchange market using cryptocurrencies (trading plant-based products paying with cryptocurrency based on Erc20 Eth, with special deals to how will buy/trade using the EFood Coin);
5. Trends and news on the Market Value of cryptocurrencies (
6. Crypto market influencer using the most well know social media platforms.
The EFood Coin is tied to other Tokens (ICE coin and SILVER coin) to guarantee its stability in the crypto market and to sustain the future of the world with particular attention to global subjects.
The EFood Coin as the ICE and Silver are smart contracts based on ERC20 ETH using the pre-mining concept.